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    Building for Education





    We are proud of the kindergarten building that we designed for 50 children to work and play

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    combining aesthetics with function is our key





    buildings have to be convenient in everyday use

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    as a client I want cost and schedule control




    we control building costs and schedules seamlessly through all phases



News: Kindergarten 4.0


We are very pleased to announce that we have won the two-phase competition for our fourth Kindergarten.

Located in Zug Switzerland, the valuable site borders a central recreation area with a pond and a historically protected farmstead. Our design is inspired by the internal world of a kaleidoscope, with the roof being a composition of many irregular triangles.


Update: Interior Design

Our interior design for the complete Kindergarten 3.0 in detail:

Chairs: Horgenglarus Classic, factory design 1918, cherry-wood The classic has not only been part of the Horgenglarus portfolio for 100 years, it has also set standards, making it a classic amongst classics.

Table: Design Melk Nigg Architects, cherry-wood Floor: Terrazzo Walls: Local grown silver fir timber, soaped for protection against yellowing Window board: solid ash, oiled


Update: Building Complete

Every complete building is for us a tribute to the construction workers, whose craftsmanship and enduring quality of work has built-up over generations to enable truly unique and ambitious architecture to be realised.


News: Building for Education

Planning and building for education fascinates us every time we work in this field. With our architectural work we contribute to the essential welfare of our future generations. To this end we also use renewable construction materials, to reduce the impact on the environment to a minimum. A sketch of a new design of a school near Bern, Switzerland.


Update: Ground Breaking for Kindergarten

Please find the press release under this link.

The timber for the new kindergarten is being taken from a local forest close to the building, thereby reducing the environmental impact of transportation and processing, and incorporating the local natural environment into the fabric of the building. As a practice we derive much pleasure from this opportunity.




Drawing of a mosaic, tesselation is based on a decagon.


News: Annual Review

Our annual review is available.


Update: Grand Opening

We are very pleased to announce that the official opening of the building took place on May 6, 2017. During the opening ceremony the award for the use of 100% Swiss timber got handed over to the building owner. The support superstructure of the building has within it 184.5 cubic meters of renewable resource. It takes 6 minutes to regrow this amount of timber in the Swiss forests.



We are happy to announce our competition success. Four kindergarten units arranged on two floors and under one big roof.


In architecture you should live for 150 years,
because you have to learn in the first 75 years.

Renzo Piano


Melk Nigg

Founding Director Melk Nigg Architects

Herzog & de Meuron
Construction worker

Christine Breuer

Keller Branzanti Architekten
Boltshauser Architekten
BSc FH Arch

Luis Gisler

Melk Nigg Architects

Herzog & de Meuron
ETH Zurich & KTH Stockholm

Architect / Project Manager



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